2016 Curtain Call Ball

Children’s Theatre Company’s annual gala and backstage bash

Noah Bremer outside the Children’s Theatre Company’s Curtain Call Ball

Photo by Haley Friesen

The Curtain Call Ball has been CTC’s core fundraising event for more than 25 years, benefiting its education and outreach programs. This year’s gala, “Oh! The To-Do You’ll Do!” on September 10 at the theatre, featured a Cabaret performance along with silent auctions, dinner from D’Amico catering, and a special after party celebration.

Noah Bremer: I am an actor and was an apprentice at CTC. Right out of college, it was my first job. I worked in four different shows, took classes, and learned as much as I could about being on stage. I’m actually going on to work at Cirque du Soleil. What helped me with that was the immense stage time I got here.

Laura Tanner: Way back in the day, CTC had volunteer family ushers for the shows. Growing up, I saw every show between the ages of 8 and 18. CTC is near and dear to my heart. As an adult, being able to give back to CTC has been really meaningful. It’s something that I’m really proud to be a part of. 

Meghan Kimmel: We have three children, and we’ve brought them to shows ever since they were very young. Our son has participated in camps here. He has gone on to do performances at other professional theaters in town. We absolutely credit the CTC camp experience with introducing him to the art of performing and the art of theatre.

Kim Price: Our children came here to enjoy CTC productions when they were growing up. CTC is a wonderful place where children in this generation can see the first African-American Cinderella. It gives them a chance to see a mirror and a reflection of themselves that is really difficult to find, not just in the Twin Cities, but almost anywhere in the country.

Barbara Burwell: I am a former trustee and board member of CTC. We’re rich in the theater business here in Minnesota, and CTC is one  of the crown jewels of our arts scene. I just rotated off of the board. Rats! I really miss it.