3 New Things to Eat This Week: Fried Chicken, Ice Cream, Pulled-Pork Sandwich

Crunchy, licky, yummy bites for a summery week in the Twin Cities

School is out, and the wine ought to be chilling. Now is the time to get outside and enjoy some tasty treats in this early summer sun. Here are three brand-new spots to check out this week:

The Bungalow Club’s Fried Chicken: I just had my first dinner at this dazzling new restaurant, and it’s such a relief to see this room returned to its former glory. (This is the old Craftsman spot on East Lake Street.) The patio is divine, and the fried chicken invites some finger licking. Corn Flakes are used in the batter, so it has a little bit of a sweet/savory edge, and it’s gluten free. Topped with some lightly dressed, massive dandelion greens, it’s delicious.

Sweet Science Coffee Toffee Scoop: I’ve been a fan of Ashlee Olds and her super rich, dreamy ice cream for some time, and I am so stoked she finally has a place where we can buy a scoop. Try this coffee-infused scoop—it has actual coffee in it, not just flavoring, and that toffee is so delightfully nutty, salty, sweet.

Spring Cafe’s Pulled Pork Sandwich: We stopped by this new Como Pavilion stand run by J.D. Fratzke and Matty O’Reilly for a bite on a cool day, and the delightful human behind the register assured us this sandwich was life-changing. A succulent pile of meat is squished onto a bun with a zippy little sauce. Best of all: lakeside, and just above Sweet Science. Day MADE.