3 Things to Eat This Week: Cooling Off

It’s officially summer. Cool down with ice cream, poke, or cold noodles.

Cooking under the sweltering heat of an unrelenting summer sun can be a bit much for anyone. Here are three super cool reasons to get out of the house and dine around town this week—including poke, ice cream, and cold noodles.

PinkU’s Tuna Poke: Poke, the Hawaiian raw fish salad, has finally become a full-blown trend in the Twin Cities, but I’d say the best spot to give this a try is the slim Northeast restaurant that’s practically across the street from Surdyk’s parking lot. Each bite of this icy cold, snappy salad is like a blast of fresh sea spray.

Loulou’s Frozen Snow: This little rolled ice cream shop in Uptown is trying something new: snow! Eating it is as fun as catching snowflakes on your tongue. Frozen cream and fresh strawberries are shaved into a little boat and served with a tiny spoon and a splash of sprinkles.

Tea House on University’s Szechuan Cold Noodles: These are exactly what you want to eat when the night involves hiding out in your air-conditioned living room and catching up on some Netflix. It’s a little, generously oiled take-out container of seriously spicy, cold noodles that are a flavor blast to the mouth—where the air conditioner doesn’t quite reach. Best of all, they’re just $6.95.