3 Things to Eat This Week: Feb. 7–15

Recover from the Super Bowl with fries, delicious guacamole, and a special dinner with Jason & Joy

I have a #BoldNorth hangover. That Super Bowl week ended up being way more than I expected it to be. There were parties all over the place, more celebrities than you could shake a stick at, and half of the activities planned insisted that we play outside, going full Elsa. The cold did, and does, bother me, but I went out in it anyway. Now we’re skidding sideways into Valentine’s Day, even as I continue to shake off rollicking memories of huddling over a campfire with chefs who were cooking up a storm, eating millions of little appetizers at countless parties I may or may not have snuck into, and hobbling around on way-too-tall shoes with gangs of friends, sucking the marrow out of that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I’m ready to snuggle back on the couch and wait until the temperature dares to peek above freezing. Until then, these are the foods I’m using to cope with the #boldnorthhangover that comes after the fading buzz of a great party.

La Fresca’s Guacamole: There was a whole kerfuffle about over-priced guacamole from one downtown restaurant that gave me a serious craving for the avocado dip. There’s no question that Hector Ruiz’s little restaurant on Grand Avenue in south Minneapolis serves the absolute best, with creamy avocado and bright punches of citrus, plus just a little zip of spice. It’s a bargain at $10.

Stewart’s Korean Fries: Every kind of hangover is better with some kind of fried potato situation, and after running around for a week straight barely eating anything, I’m craving real food. Stewart’s makes these addictive fries with a little dusting of chili pepper and two equally yummy dipping sauces. One is a miso-mayo situation and the other is a sweet-hot chili dipper. Plus, there are cocktails—really, really good cocktails.

All the Wine at De’Vine*: If you’re my brand of crazy, you’ll want to keep this party train a’rolling. This weekend, I’ll be up at picturesque Grandview Lodge with a few of my most knowledgeable wine and beverage aficionados (oh, and Jason DeRusha). Every year we get to kick off the festivities with two special wine dinners on Friday night, and this year, mine is the bargain one (not reading too much into that), with beautiful Italian wines and dishes, where guests pay at the time of the event. Nights at Grandview start at $250, and I’m telling you, there is nothing like visiting this place in winter. Get the full rundown here, and please join us! We’re really fun, and you might spot a celebrity.

*De’Vine is sponsored by Minnesota Monthly

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