3 Things to Eat This Week: July 11-15

Feast on a fat sandwich, a sweet treat, or something oozy and icy

Summer is in full swing. Every night should be booked solid with firefly viewing, and every day should be packed with adventures with friends. Sure, some of us have to work by screenlight for a living, but do what you can to break away from the daily grind and suck a little marrow out of this life. Feast on a fat sandwich, a sweet treat, or something oozy and icy.

Meyvn’s Corned Beef Sandwich: This new deli, from food-industry trio Laurel Elm, Adam Eaton, and Tim Niver, is a honey of a little spot in Uptown Minneapolis. People are raving about the bagels, but the dish I can’t get enough of is the spot-on corned beef sandwich. It’s worth moaning and banging on the table over.

Duluth’s Best Bread Sweet Roll at Endion Station: It’s my life’s mission to find the best cinnamon-and-caramel rolls in the state of Minnesota. These ones, which can now be picked up in the morning on the shores of Lake Superior, are some of the best. Trust me. It’s stupid hot in the Cities and like 62 down by the lake right now. What better reason could you ever need for a road trip?

MN Nice Cream: These outrageous cones are piled high with all matter of Instagram-goading ingredients: Trix cereal, popcorn, bacon, edible glitter. It’s bananas what you can build, but I’ll be darned if they aren’t just as delicious as they are pretty. Put that on your summer bucket list and bring your best Insta-filter.