3 Things to Eat This Week: Oct. 11–15

The best places to nab chocolate croissants, French toast, and waffles—as per food critic Joy Summers

Photo by Joy Estelle

While others snuggle into a steaming cup of pumpkin-spiced goodness, I’m dying for those long fall mornings that bring brunch. Roomy sweaters and soft hoodies are perfect for tucking away a couple of extra, decadent bites. These are three brunch dishes to eat right now:

Pajarito’s French Toast: I’m a firm believer in breakfast dessert. Usually, I like my dishes on the savory side, but there should always be at least one sweet shared by the whole table. The French Toast at this West 7th Mexican restaurant is otherworldly good. Fat slices of tender bread are so light and fluffy, you’d think they were going to float away except for the crackling cinnamon-sugar-crunch coating. There’s a scoop of chocolate mousse and a few wedges of tart orange with a little drizzle of caramel that brings it all home.

Duluth’s Best Bread‘s Chocolate Croissant: These super buttery croissants can be found inside a nondescript bakery in Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The layers and layers of dough wrap themselves around a little nub of chocolate so dark it whisks the moisture off your tongue, only to have it replaced by the butter from inside the pastry. It’s heaven.

Tilia’s Waffles: It’s not like Tilia needs any help popularizing its brunch menu. There’s a line out the door every weekend. But if you catch a space early enough, the waffles make it totally worth it. Dimpled squares of not-too-light, not-too-heavy crisped dough are absolute breakfast perfection. A drizzle of real maple syrup, and these make up the best version of the old breakfast standby that I’ve had outside my mother’s kitch.