8 Juicy Places in the Metro

Fresh squeezing and blending superfoods for a super life

Courtesy Green bee juicery

Juice bars around the metro are pressing and blending fresh produce to provide you with a nourishing punch for your taste buds. These power-packed smoothies and juices are an efficient, life-enhancing way to absorb natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Through elements such as organic ingredients, an active community, and convenience, these eight locations will allow you to taste the power of nature’s sweet nectar. 

Agra Culture Kitchen & Press

As an eat well, be well environment, Agra Culture Kitchen & Press has set its sight on creating healthy food options that are accessible to all. They serve up pressed juices such as carrot zinger and coconut cucumber or smoothies like peach mango and nutty espresso, and their diverse food menu includes sushi bowls, Asian salads, and roasted pepper sandwiches.

Green Bee Juicery

Green Bee Juicery aims at healing not only the body and the mind of a person, but the community that sustains us as well. Using a cold-press process for their juices, they are able to retain the highest amount of vitamins and minerals in each locally grown produce item. Pick from flavors ranging from power greens to turmeric-infused to rich roots, such as ginger, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Juice So Good 

Providing wholesome, pure products that are “so good, so you,” Juice So Good uses completely organic and non-GMO verified ingredients to craft bold flavors inside each bottle. Offering options for one day, three day, or five day cleanses (six juices per day), customers are able to choose between beginner (sweeter flavor profile), intermediate (mix of sweet fruits and green vegetables), and advanced (earthier green vegetables) levels as a way to delve into a life of wellness.

Nautical Bowls 

This new Minnetonka location is bound to boost you right on your feet. Owners Rachel and Bryant Admundson combined their passions for an active, healthy lifestyle with their love for the outdoors. They believe that in order to live your desired life, it is important to fuel the body right. Using fresh, natural ingredients, their menu allows the customer to add toppings like fruits, nuts, bee pollen, and cacao nibs to their sorbet based bowls. 


Feeling good is more than just working out or eating healthy; it is about finding your truest self in all aspects. Located inside of fitness boutique Alchemy in Highland Park, St. Paul, Passionflower offers drinks sourced from nutrient-rich food that benefits your health and overall well-being. Offering a variety of drinks including spinach apple protein shakes, rosemary-infused super food smoothies, and lavender wellness shakes, there is truly a taste suited for every taste bud. 


As Minnesota’s first 100 percent organic fresh-pressed juice shop, Truce is committed to promoting a life of health and wellness. The menu at each of their four metro locations (Minneapolis, North Loop, Wayzata, Uptown) consists of a variety of juice products, cashew milks, smoothies, and salads that are completely vegan, organic, raw, and gluten-free. 

Vibe Organic Juice Bar 

Vibe Organic Juice Bar provides nourishing yet satisfying foods that encourage customers to keep their bodies healthy, awake and in balance. Everything is as farm fresh as possible, whether it is the meals-to-go or smoothies. If you are interested in their juice cleanses, they have the options and resources to make the road to detoxification as easy as possible.

Whole Sum Kitchen 

Inspired by the notion of a healthy outside starting from the inside, Whole Sum Kitchen crafts their products without the use of additives, sugars, or concentrates. Jam-packed with flavorful fruits and veggies, these smoothies, juices, and bowls are suited to boost any mood. Sip on bold flavored fluids like the beet-infused deep roots handmade juice, turmeric and orange wellness shots, or spicy lemonade from their food truck or Minneapolis location.