A Taste of Stars Hollow

Dogwood Coffee transforms into Luke’s Diner for a day in preparation for the reboot of “Gilmore Girls”

Dogwood Coffee, Luke's Diner, Gilmore Girls
Photos by Catherine Stolz

In preparation for the reboot of the popular TV show “Gilmore Girls” in late November, fans crowded Dogwood Coffee in St. Paul on Wednesday morning as the shop transformed into the famed Luke’s Diner, Lorelai Gilmore’s favorite spot for a jumbo cup of joe.

Luke’s Diner proved to be the ultimate gathering place for Rori’s after school study sessions, Jackson’s town selectman campaign, Lorelai’s morning coffee and donut, and Lane’s meetings with her band mates. Luke’s provided a simple but welcoming environment, and a seat by the window always guaranteed a peek at Kirk’s weekly antics or Jess’ angsty walks around town.

Everyone in Stars Hollow would have felt right at home at Dogwood Coffee, and Luke would have been proud of the effort. The familiar yellow “Luke’s” sign hung outside and inside the “no cell phones” sign was also in place, though not enforced. Fans came dressed as Luke, or other characters from Star Hollow, donning Lorelai’s iconic knit hats and skinny scarves, or Rori’s classic Chilton uniform.

Dogwood Coffee, Luke's Diner, Gilmore Girls

I was one of the hundreds of crazed fans who woke before the sunrise and stood in line for a couple of hours to celebrate the return of my favorite cast of characters, overtired and underdressed for the chilly October morning. As the front door finally came into view, the warm smell of Dogwood Coffee made the wait worth it.

This was my first time visiting Dogwood Coffee, and it won’t be the last. Their seasonal blend, “Fall 4 U,” is a must try, responsibly sourcing beans from Nicaragua and Honduras, and incorporating classic flavors of fall, including notes of caramel, marshmallow, and a mild citrus flavor.

My best friend and fellow “Gilmore Girls” fanatic opted for Dogwood’s coffee cherry tea. The barista, dressed in a flannel and baseball cap mimicking the Gilmore’s favorite diner owner, described the tea as fruity and floral, having nothing to do with traditional flavors of coffee at all. Coffee cherries are what is left over once the coffee bean has been removed, basically the skin of the bean, which Dogwood has masterfully crafted into a tea, mixing in white grape, apple, and pear. It makes for a wonderfully light alternative to the heavier, creamier flavors of fall drinks.

Dogwood isn’t a haven for “Gilmore Girls” fans on the regular, but it would surely surpass Lorelai’s standards any day.

Dogwood Coffee
825 Carleton St., St. Paul
3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis
4021 East Lake St., Minneapolis

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