Asparagus Never Looked So Good

It’s spargel (asparagus) season in Germany, and Black Forest Inn in Minneapolis is celebrating with an impressive array of asparagus dishes that range from the traditional to the, well, let’s say extremely creative—though all delicious. A tradition now for several years, the Black Forest’s spargel menu has been expanded and tweaked to its current comprehensive form: appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and even dessert and cocktails. Each food item also has a suggested beverage pairing.

Relax on one of the Twin Cities’ loveliest patios and enjoy these spring delicacies while you can. In Germany, they favor the large, fat white variety of asparagus, but at Black Forest you’ll find the lovely green stuff, fresh from the Southeast Minnesota Food Network. The pastry-wrapped spargel appetizer is three stalks of ham-wrapped asparagus in a crisp puff pasty. The salad contains fresh, lightly cooked asparagus tossed with fennel, radish, and brown rice in a light lemon dressing. Don’t be frightened by the spargel dessert. The asparagus is mild, and lends a nice texture to the strawberry and rhubarb strudel. The spargel perogi is perhaps the prettiest dish with its green mousse, brown-butter hazelnut sauce and chive-blossom garnish. But my favorite was the simplest dish, which is also the most traditional: a thick slice of Fischer Farms ham served with a side of asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

If you’re an asparagus fan, or haven’t visited the lovely Black Forest patio in a while, don’t delay. Spargelfest is running now through May 27, 2012.

Black Forest Inn
1 East 26th Street, Mpls.