Best Quick Family Meals

Restaurant recommendations from MnMo food critics Jason DeRusha and Joy Summers.

Jason’s Picks

This is the time of year when it’s one kid to gymnastics, the other to soccer, then a choir concert at night. I don’t have time to make dinner and I’m not an awful dad!

Naf Naf Grill: The Chipotle of falafel and shawarma. Line up, pick a pita or bowl, gyro, chicken or falafel, add your veggies and sumac/cilantro onions or Middle Eastern pickles, green chili sauce, and enjoy. (Locations in Minneapolis, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie.)

World Street Kitchen: Chef Sameh Wadi’s quick-serve fast-casual eatery started as a food truck; now it’s an awesome spot to grab a Bangkok burrito or the Moroccan fried chicken sandwich. (Lyn-Lake, Minneapolis)

Foxy Falafel. Photo by Alex Steinberg/Sidecar.

Joy’s Picks

It’s hard enough to carve time into a weekday to feed ourselves, let alone the small humans depending on us for their survival. These spots take only a few minutes longer than the drive through.

Foxy Falafel: My boy has loved hummus since he was tiny, and topping the creamy, garlicky version at Foxy Falafel with some crispy fried falafel balls is a home run. Be sure to order some cheese curds drizzled with local honey. (Midway St. Paul)

Lucia’s To Go: The locally sourced grab-and-go food inside eats like it’s from a four star restaurant (maybe that’s because it kind of is). Grab a compostable fork, a few plates, and a pastry for dessert, and this might make for the most delicious meal of the week—even if it’s eaten in the back seat. (Uptown Minneapolis)