Bone Appetit!

Animal-lovers and their pets support Secondhand Hounds rescue efforts

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Taylor Hedlund and Taylor Ryan at Secondhand Hounds’ Bone Appetit

Photo by Andrea Ellen Reed

On September 14th, Secondhand Hounds held its “Bone Appetit!” fundraising event at Aria Minneapolis, gathering friends of the organization, their pups, and local chefs. Proceeds from the night benefits Secondhand Hound’s rescue efforts to provide safe shelter and care to animals needing a permanent home.

Teri Woolard: This is Quasimodo. He’s a short-spined German Shepherd and is one of only 14 in the world. His spine is curved and compacted, which gives him a hunchback appearance. I’m a staff member at Secondhand Hounds. Quasi came into our rescue a couple of months ago. People love him—he has nearly 300,000 Facebook followers. He lives at my house as a foster, and is kind of an ambassador for Secondhand Hounds. 

Steve Spaulding: I’ve been fostering with Secondhand Hounds for almost five years. Any rescue can take a cute little puppy, like this one I’m holding, and get it adopted, but Secondhand Hounds always takes the mothers, and the injured dogs, and the special-needs dogs. That’s what separates Secondhand Hounds from the average rescue.

Taylor Hedlund: We’ve been fostering for four years now, and we’ve adopted two animals. Being a foster has been a really great experience. A lot of people think that it’s sad letting the animals go, which it is. But it’s way more rewarding than it is sad. When you see them go to their adopted home, it’s so special and amazing to know that they are in good hands.

Amy Vannurden: I started fostering for Secondhand Hounds about three years ago, and now I work there. My husband and I have probably fostered more than 50 animals. The animals have no voice. We’re their voice. So many other rescues won’t step up for the underdog, but Secondhand Hounds does. I take a lot of underdogs, and I’ve adopted quite a few. I love them all.