Branded Brews

Local craft beer packaging ferments great graphic design

Beers from Left to Right:

Indeed Brewing Co. Day Tripper

Local artist Chuck U’s fanciful drawing depicts characters who embody the brand’s notions of adventure and fun as they set off to travel around the globe—or, at
least, the 360° around the can—on their flying machine.

Surly Brewing Co. Furious

The aggressively bold design on this oversized can fits with the brew’s name and vibe, and the bright red hue ensures that the cans are instantly recognizable on a crowded shelf.

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. Farm Girl

Farm Girl’s vintage-inspired label is in keeping with the company’s Stillwater base (the river town is one of Minnesota’s oldest cities), while the weathered wood background reflects its down-home vibe.

Surly Brewing Co. Darkness

This limited-edition cult beer’s design changes every year, and local artist Josh “Jawsh” Lemke’s creepy “Brewcifer” character (also paintedon the side of the Surly taproom) is a twisted likeness of brewmaster Todd Haug.

Summit Brewing Co. Unchained Bière de Garde

This Duffy & Partners label is part of a recent brewer-driven graphic redesign at Summit, and the Bière de Garde label highlights how brewer Jeff Williamson likes to drink it: in a stemmed pilsner glass with a frothy head.

Flat Earth Brewing Co. Angry Planet Pale Ale

Angry Planet’s intentions to be an all-organic beer were scrapped when bureaucracy got in the way, but the Flat Earth–designed label comes with a side of eco-conscious reproach as an angry Earth reminds drinkers that it “ain’t yer mudda” and can’t clean up after them.

Big Wood Brewery Jack Savage

Designed by Medvec + Eppers, this kitschy plaid can is the embodiment of Jack (Pine) Savage, a character created by Big Wood to represent a true Minnesotan: friendly, approachable, and clad in a flannel shirt, suspenders, and winter boots all year long.