Bubbly Tips for New Year's Eve

Moveable Feast: MnMo editor Rachel Hutton and MPR Classical’s John Birge share tips from Relevé Champagne Lounge in the Lowe’s hotel

Did you know we have our very own sparkling-focused bar in town? It’s called Relevé Champagne Lounge in the Lowe’s hotel. Here are a few tips that Rachel and John learned:

Expand your territory: You already know about French Champagne, Italian Prosecco, and Spanish Cava, but how about German or Austrian sparkling wines, or even Californian?

Think pink: Have you tried sparkling rosé? If not, there’s no better time to try it than on New Year’s Eve.

Vary your glasses: Champagne flutes aren’t always the best serving glass. You can try a normal tulip-shaped wine glass or an even larger balloon glass for nicer bottles and they’ll help present the delicate aroma for the wine.

For more tips, listen to the full segment at Classical MPR

Minnesota Monthly food critic Jason DeRusha also surveyed local wine experts about their New Year’s Eve champagne recommendations. Check out the post on our TC Taste Blog.