Burger Burger Vs. Shake Shack

Jason and Joy rate Mall of America’s new trendy burger joints

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The Mall of America location of Burger Burger

Photo by TJ Turner

Mall of America is now home to two much-hyped casual-haute burger concepts: the first Minnesota location of Shake Shack, from top NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer, and its apparent local knockoff, Burger Burger, by the team behind Crave. Here’s how they compare:

The Burger

Jason: Both promise responsible, hormone- and antibiotic-free meat with Shake Shack’s and Burger Burger’s beef coming from Revier Cattle Co. in Olivia.

Joy: Shake Shack’s burger was succulent and beefy. Each bite dissolved into a fast-food flavor rush. 

Jason: My father-in-law preferred Burger Burger’s larger, thicker patty, but I found Shake Shack’s to be far more juicy and flavorful.

Advantage: Shake Shack

Burger Burger

Photo by TJ Turner

The Shakes 

Joy: Usually I’m a big fan of rich frozen custard, but my Shake Shack shake was unblended—the raw malt powder sucked all the moisture out of my mouth in one unpleasant, ash-like burst.

Jason: This one was tough for me, because Burger Burger has a much larger variety of flavor combinations, including a great orange dreamcicle. But Shake Shack uses custard, which is eggier and more decadent than Burger Burger’s soft serve. 

Advantage: Shake Shack


Jason: I can’t stop thinking about the Chicken Shack sandwich: that buttermilk crispiness, that juicy chicken breast, topped simply with mayo, pickles, and shredded lettuce.

Joy: But Burger Burger lets you sub out chicken or bison on every “burger,” and there are also a handful of delicious, fresh-and-crispy salads.

Jason: Agreed: The buffalo chicken salad had surprising zip to the sauce. But you’re not really going to Burger Burger for a salad, are you?

Advantage: Shake Shack

shake shack, mall of america, burger battle, restaurants, food
The Mall of America location of Shake Shack

Photo by TJ Turner


Joy: Shake Shack’s Brooklyn Brewery beer and Frog’s Leap wines pale in comparison to Burger Burger’s glittery, fully stocked bar.

Jason: Yes, Burger Burger has 10 beers on tap, boozy adult shakes, and you can get a great cocktail at the Mall for $6 or $7! How does whiskey sangria sound? That’s what the Whiskey Noir tastes like: Bulleit Rye, lemon juice, and Pinot Noir.

Advantage: Burger Burger

Shake Shack, Mall of America

Photo by TJ Turner

Service and Setting

Jason: Way more seating at Burger Burger, but the party right now is at Shake Shack, with more people and energy. 

Joy: When ordering indecisively at Shake Shack, the woman rolled her eyes and sighed so loudly you would think I was wearing white past Labor Day; Burger Burger’s staff was much kinder.

Advantage: Burger Burger

Burger Burger, Third Floor South, MOA, 952-855-7800, eatburgerburger.com;  Shake Shack, Culinary on North, MOA, 952-466-6056, shakeshack.com