Burger Newcomers in the Twin Cities

Branch out from the local burger classics of Matt’s and the Nook—on this week’s episode of Moveable Feast Rachel and John discuss the Twin Cities’ best burger newcomers and the mouthwatering picks they have to offer.

Hutton focused on joints that have opened in the past five years. Recently, chefs have been paying keen attention to sourcing their meats, focusing on heritage breeds and even grinding their own beef in-house.

Out-of-the-ordinary gourmet toppings have also been gracing their menus. Korean-fusion restaurant the Rabbit Hole tops their burger with a kimchi aioli and a soft-cooked egg. Harriet Brasserie’s take includes seasonal hen-of-the-woods mushrooms to add an earthy flavor. The Kenwood offers a rich treat: a burger covered with a slab of pork belly.

Café 128 has been on the St. Paul food scene for a while, but under new ownership they changed up their menu and added a minimalistic burger. The blend of New York strip is seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with a little fry sauce, a sophisticated take that keeps the emphasis on their quality meats.

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Burgers and beers are the perfect pairing. Next week on Moveable Feast, Rachel and John will be discussing the best new taprooms around the Twin Cities. Stay tuned to find your favorite brew. To listen to the full Moveable Feast episode, check out Classical MPR’s site.