Casual Concepts at Lucia’s-To-Go, the Bachelor Farmer, and Restaurant Alma

There’s a trend of upscale restaurants opening casual offshoots on the rise. The concept has proven success with Lucia’s in south Minneapolis, which opened their To-Go café next door in 2005. The Lucia’s To-Go concept gives diners a chance to grab a cup of coffee, pastry, or even an entrée without the pomp and circumstance of a sit-down dinner.

On this week’s edition of Classical MPR’s Moveable Feast, Rachel and John also discuss other Twin Cities restaurants are looking to make the same move in 2015, including The Bachelor Farmer and Restaurant Alma. The Bachelor Farmer will open a casual café offering coffee, sandwiches, and snacks in the space left by retail clothing shop Askov Finlayson, which is relocating across the street to a bigger space.

Restaurant Alma will take over the Dunn Brothers coffee shop next door to open its offshoot, in addition to proposing an inn on the second floor of the building. It’s the recipe for a perfect weekend: have your dinner at Restaurant Alma, stay in the inn overnight, and wake up to a grab-and-go breakfast in their café the next morning.

You can listen to the full Moveable Feast episode here.