Cathedral Hill Cuisine

Jason and Joy share their favorites from St. Paul’s iconic neighborhood

The patio at W.A. Frost in St. Paul, Minnesota.
W.A. Frost

photo by Todd Buchanan

JOY: Welcome to my neighborhood: picturesque blocks lined with historic homes and old cobblestone streets perfect for wandering any season. Cozy views from restaurant windows make it a romantic destination, too.

Revival Saint Paul: Succulent meat relenting rivulets of juice at the mere brush against your lips—that’s my husband’s favorite kind of dining. We always order some of the Tennessee Hot fried chicken and the butter ribs, shellacked in seasoning and meltingly tender under a butter-crisped crust.

W.A. Frost: It’s one of the Twin Cities’ most beautiful, historic buildings. Order a few small plates for an affordable night out and indulge in one of their barrel-aged bourbon drinks.

JASON: It’s the neighborhood of my dreams: gorgeous homes with everything a bike ride away. Plus, an amazing wine shop (Solo Vino), clothing store (Black Blue), and flower shop (Fleur de Lis) make it a great February getaway.

Moscow on the Hill: Yes, you will have vodka (with more than a dozen from Russia alone), but you must also order the best dumplings in town, hand-made. I like the Peasant Pelmeni, broiled with mushroom sauce and cheese.

Muddy Pig: A craft-beer bar before every bar was a craft-beer bar, Muddy Pig has about three dozen beers on tap—and not just local, so you can try MKE from Milwaukee or Squatters from Utah. Solid food and party space, too.