Celebrating National Sandwich Day

It’s National Sandwich Day! I’m glad that back in the 18th Century John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, ordered his meat served between two slices of bread. The preparation may have made playing cards easier for him, but it has made many meals tastier and many stomachs happier.

There are bountiful bundles of beautiful burgers, heaping handfuls of humbling hoagies, and sundries of sumptuous submarines available throughout the Twin Cities, so to pick a favorite would be impossible.

So today, I’ll pick of few of my favorites local sandwiches to highlight, and I hope you’ll do the same. Sourcing local ingredients, all of these restaurants are committed to sustainable practices, freshness, and big-time flavor, which is why their sandwiches rank highly with me:

• The Bánh Mì at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro—a grilled Duroc natural pork loin topped with pickled vegetables and cilantro, on a baguette, served with house cut sweet potato fries.

• The Citizen Joe at Citizen Café—savory ground beef wrapped in delicate pastry dough baked until gooey, wrapped in wax paper, and served with their house-made chips or fresh fruit. Similar to a pasty in construction, and a sloppy joe in flavor.

• The Black Bean Quinoa Burger at the Birchwood—a quinoa burger topped with smoked capriko cheese, sautéed cabbage and apples, Surly Furious mustard, and greens, on a toasted multi-grain bun.

• The Oyster Po’boy at Sea Salt Eatery—cornmeal-coated oysters fried and topped with tartar sauce, Tobasco, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes, on a seasoned hoagie roll.

• Grass Fed Beef Burger at Café Twenty Eight—a grass-fed beef burger topped with Fischer Family Farms bacon and sharp cheddar cheese, on a burger bun, served with a side of crispy French fries.

• The Smoked Lake Superior Trout Melt at Bryant Lake Bowl—smoked trout topped with white cheddar, on pumpernickel bread.

• The Wild Rice Brat at the Strip Club—a juicy wild rice bratwurst topped with kimchee and scallions, on a brat bun.

And a poll! Which sandwich is best for celebrating National Sandwich Day? Vote here, or leave your local fave in the comments below.