Chefs' Kitchen Tips

Chefs Erik Anderson and Jamie Malone prepare a date night dinner in their home. Photo by TJ Turner.

As we spring forward this weekend, Minnesota Monthly editor Rachel Hutton and MPR host John Birge share chef tips from MnMo’s March issue that will help you get that hour back.

Alicia Hinze of The Buttered Tin in St. Paul suggests saving time when baking by using a whisk to blend all ingredients in a bowl, rather than using a sifter for individual ingredients.

Have you ever gotten a little emotional while chopping onions? Patti Soskin of Yum Kitchen and Bakery recommends wearing onion goggles to save time that’s otherwise spent wiping tears.

Brenda Langton of Spoonriver advocates for the pressure cooker. Normally beans take forever, simmering for hours on end—a pressure cooker cooks them in 25 minutes.

Listen to the full podcast on Classical MPR’s website, and don’t forget to reset those clocks.