Cocktail 2.0

The Bachelor Farmer’s new food-friendly drink menu

In spite of the three-martini lunch, most cocktails don’t pair well with food—until now. Pip Hanson, of The Bachelor Farmer and Marvel Bar, has introduced a novel line of mixed drinks designed specifically for the task. Hanson first created a cider/sherry cocktail to pair with a beet/walnut dish, and a sake/rosé blend to sip while eating root vegetables. He went on to develop several more light, subtle mixed drinks that carve out new territory between what we expect from a glass of wine and a cocktail. What makes them unique? The beverages are low proof, due either to dilution or downplaying high-proof spirits in favor of sake, hard cider, or wine and its fortified cousins, vermouth and sherry. The food-pairing drinks also incorporate more acid than usual and are served chilled, not ice-cold, so the tongue isn’t numbed to the complexity of the beverage’s flavor profile.

The Bachelor Farmer
50 Second Ave. N., Mpls.