Come Have Dinner with Me!

Want to have dinner with me? Then come on down to Om this Monday night, April 12, when I’ll be speaking at the Les Dames d’Escoffier fundraiser for The Eastside Garden Corp of the Community Design Center.

It should be a great night for a great cause: Tickets are $85 and for that you get wine, what I can only presume will be a fabulous dinner by one of the country’s most esteemed Indian chefs, hometown star Raghavan Iyer, and a chance to hobnob with a who’s-who of women working in food in the Twin Cities. The evening starts at 6 with pre-dinner mingling and cocktails; at 6:30 the four-course dinner starts. Then there will be speaking, eating, networking, networking, and more networking—If you’re one of the many, many people who e-mail me wondering how and if you can get a career going in food, you need to come to this! It’s going to be five years of networking in a few short hours.

So: What do food stylists do? Who exactly pays for a freelance dietician’s services? Is it worth it to go to cooking school? How much does it cost to open your own restaurant? Your own catering company? How many cupcake bakeries can the world sustain? How do you get someone to pay you to eat doughnuts? Who do you need to kill to be a restaurant critic in this town? Spend a lifetime on the internet not getting the real answer to those questions, or just ask the people at your table at Om Monday night. Read this for more details, including the exact menu.

There will be lobster! Networking with lobster people, that’s why we have food careers.

Les Dames d’Escoffier Minneapolis/St. Paul chapter:

401 North 1st Ave., Mpls.

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