Considering Earth Day

With Earth Day on my mind this week, I’ve been considering what we can do in our home to live more sustainably. Over the past few years we’ve adopted some greener practices, from shopping at our local co-op using reusable grocery bags to setting up a rain barrel to harvest water for our garden. I know there have been significant strides with green technologies, and I want to incorporate more of them at home. Last year, I picked up some great information at the Living Green Expo about composting, and I hope to get even more information this year.

What is the Living Green Expo?

Designed to teach people how to lead more healthy and sustainable lives, the Living Green Expo is a free, family friendly event held at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, May 1-2, 2010.

Experts are available to answer questions and help you develop your personal and household goals, whether it’s learning to eat healthy and sustainably or how to make your green thumb even greener. You can talk to a local farmer, attend a Gubernatorial Forum on clean water and energy, and/or sample some local food options.

Keep it Green While You Attend

The Living Green Expo is partnering with Eureka Recycling to make this event waste-free. Recycling and composting will be available throughout the facility, so be sure to pay attention to the signs to recycle and compost appropriately.

If you want to ride your bike, they are providing bike storage. Or catch a free ride to the event on the bus or light rail train using the Go Greener Pass from Metro Transit.

For more information, and to get your Go Greener Pass, visit the Living Green Expo online at

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