Cook Like: Matthew Voss at Marvel Bar

Mix up a new take on the margarita with a Marvel Bar pro

photo by TJ Turner

Classic margaritas have made a comeback in recent years, driven by a growing appreciation for good tequila and a disdain for cloyingly sweet off-the-shelf sour mix. Marvel Bar in the North Loop takes the drink a step further by building a bold margarita-like beverage called an Oaxacan Daisy using tequila’s lesser-known cousin, mezcal—an agave-derived spirit becoming popular for drinkers who are thirsty for smoke and depth.

Using subtle ingredients such as mezcal means that you need fewer of them to yield a layered, flavorful result. Mixmaster Matthew Voss’ recipe has only four ingredients, plus a mint garnish. But the bright acid of the citrus, the smoke of the mezcal, the slight sweetness of the triple sec and simple syrup, and the refreshing aroma of mint makes this drink a bright, invigorating summer powerhouse.

Oaxacan Daisy

   60    ml Vida mezcal (or other mezcal of your choosing)
   25    ml fresh lime juice
   15    ml triple sec
     5    ml simple syrup
           Ice, cubed and crushed
           Fresh mint

1. Mix liquids and shake in shaker with ice cubes.
2. Strain over crushed ice.
3. Top with soda and whole sprigs of fresh mint.