Cook Like: Sarah Master

Uptown’s Barbette has been a mainstay of casual bistro fare since its opening in 2001, and chef Sarah Master brings a New Orleans–trained culinary perspective to this Francophile favorite. With the advent of spring, Barbette-style tabbouleh makes for a bright, versatile side to pair with earthier dishes. Although it’s easy to make, it packs layer upon layer of flavor and pairs well with earthy dishes such as lamb.

Fava Bean Tabbouleh

Makes 4 servings

    2    c. fava beans, blanched and cleaned (available
             seasonally at natural-food stores)
    2    c. English peas, blanched
    ¼    c. shallots, minced
    ¼    c. mint, minced
    ¼    c. tarragon, minced
    ½    bunch parsley, minced
    3    lemons, zested
    ½    c. olive oil
    ¼    tsp. garlic powder
        salt to taste

1. Combine beans and peas in food processor
and blend to a grainy consistency.
2. Transfer to bowl and stir with remaining ingredients.
3. Season with salt, serve immediately.