Crazy Good: 3 Things to Eat This Week

Is that ice cream made with foie gras? Shh…just eat it…

Food doesn’t have to just be sustenance. Sometimes it’s best to go a little bit crazy. These are the most insane, outrageous, over-the-top dishes to try this week. They taste like l-i-v-i-n’.

Milkjam’s Soundset Sundae

Sometimes life imitates art and sometimes your ice cream imitates an album cover. This week, Sameh Wadi’s Milkjam in Minneapolis’ Lyn/Lake neighborhood has created a sundae that mimics Brother Ali’s new album cover designed by eL Seed. It’s called All the Beauty and made up of sweet potato pie ice cream, blueberry meringue, tropical fruit crumble, and black caramel.

Saint Dinette’s Foie Gras Ice Cream Sundae

It’s another creation that sounds just bonkers, but somehow chef Adam Eaton has delivered a positively delicious ice cream concoction that is made with that most sumptuous of ingredients: foie gras. I wouldn’t believe it was delicious if I hadn’t tasted its intoxicating richness myself.

Skinner’s Pub Totchos

Why keep the crazy decadence to the fancy stuff? This is some seriously good-deal gluttony, and at just over $9, it’s one of the most expensive things on the menu at this neighborhood bar. An entire pizza tray is covered in tater tots and given the nacho treatment: piles of gooey cheese, chopped onions, salsa, and, if you ask nicely, you can upgrade with bacon. It eats like a dare—but a dare that I’m down for.