DeRusha Eats: A Food Vacation

my wife and friends waiting to get into Avec.

I’m writing today from Chicago, where I’m taking a mini-vacation and a mini-trip to visit family. As part of that, my wife and I dropped our kids off with my parents and slipped away to the Palmer House Hilton for a couple nights.

We never get to eat anywhere other than Lou Malnati’s Pizza (I love deep dish sausage patties) or Mr. Pup (hot dogs and Italian beef).

So we’re here to eat. Last night: Avec. The chorizo-stuffed dates were off-the-charts delicious. The Salumi plate superb.

Lunch today? Topolobambo. Dinner? Kuma’s Corner. Tomorrow: XOCO and Takashi.

And my family keeps asking, “What are you guys gonna do?”

“We’re eating!”


To them, eating is what you do to satisfy hunger. I eat to satisfy a different hunger. I’m not quite sure how to explain it—although if you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’m guessing you’ve had similar conversations with friends and family.

So yes, we’ll stroll through Millenium Park and visit the Art Institute. We’ll shop in Wicker Park and on Michigan Avenue. But mainly, we’ll be eating.