DeRusha Eats: Join Team Hunger

I’ve been filling in on the anchor desk during our morning news on WCCO-TV this week (did you know that starts at 4:30 a.m.? There are people up at that hour? Crazy!). Since I’ve been waking up at 2:45 a.m. and work until 2:30 p.m., I’ve lived on a diet of coffee and Caribou oatmeal (it’s not bad!).

So can I write about today? Hmm… Last night I had leftover meatloaf for a quick dinner—grass-fed beef meatloaf from that quarter of a cow purchase I wrote about a couple months ago!

I know, I’m going to write about Team Hunger. (Food blog… Hunger… It’s a match!)

I’m taking part in a fundraiser with the United Way and Land O’ Lakes. It’s free, it takes 30 seconds, and you force Land O’ Lakes to donate $1 to local food shelves. They need the money, because even though you gave your mailman a couple cans of baked beans and a box of rice, we want food shelves to have nice, fresh dairy products, and produce and meat. They often have to buy that stuff.

Here’s the drill: Click on THIS LINK, and then click on “Join Team Hunger.” You’ll have to enter an e-mail address and make up a password—but that’s not because they’re going to spam you. It’s so you can recruit your friends! And get credit! And win! The top 100 recruiters on the winning team get to come to a party at Target Field. The top recruiter wins an iPad.

But we all win, because we’re raising money for a great cause—and we don’t even have to donate the money! SO, go on… Click here… And join Team Hunger.