DeRusha Eats: Red's Savoy Pizza

I used to think there was only one guy in the Twin Cities who was dangerously obsessed with pizza, and that guy was Aaron Landry. He used to be known as the “pizza-blogger.”  Now he lives in Hawaii, so maybe he was onto something.

At any rate, now it seems like everyone’s obsessed. People violently argue over whether Pizzeria Lola is better, or Hello Pizza, or Black Sheep, or Punch, or Pizza Nea, or . . .

I like all pizza. All kinds of pizza. But I had never been to Red’s Savoy Pizza until this past weekend. It should have been on my list of legendary restaurants I’ve never visited. And according to my Twitter responses, I still haven’t been to the legendary spot in St. Paul.

But my wife, kids, and I were at the Walker’s mini-golf course (Go there! It’s awesome!) and wanted to get some pizza. Just plain pizza, not fancy artisanal hand-crafted topping made in our imported wood-fired oven pizza topped with the dust of angels.

Red’s Savoy!

And heyit’s great pizza. Really great. The kids got a sausage pizza with half mushroom and half pepperoni. We got The Hammer, which is a pizza topped with Italian sausage, banana peppers, and sauerkraut. The crust was thin and crispy, the toppings were extremely generous, and the cheesewell, it’s maybe too much cheese.

I know! Heresy! Too much cheese? Yes, it’s too much cheese. At least for a simple pizza like the pepperoni and mushrooms. It was hard to even taste the toppings because all I tasted was cheese. For The Hammer, the cheese-splosion actually workedit balanced the flavor of the banana peppers and the sauerkraut.

No big deal, next time I’ll ask for less cheese. But there will be a next time. It’s fun to spend $13.50 for a 10” pizza—a pizza that my wife and I can share and still have leftoversas opposed to $16 for a pizza for one.

Sometimes a guy just wants a pizza. And Red’s Savoy does a great job. (And yes, I’ll go check out the original Red’s Savoy in St. Paul! So should you!)

Red’s Savoy Pizza
2329 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis

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