DeRusha Eats: The Worst State Fair Review You'll Read All Year

Over the next several days, you’ll be reading incredible blog posts waxing poetic about the food at the Minnesota State Fair. You’ll see glorious photos, live tweeting (like the fun work by Heavy Table) and really horrible television news stories.

This blog post will be none of those things.

I spent about two hours at the State Fair yesterday and spent zero dollars on food. I had a cold turkey sandwich from Turkey To Go which absolutely rocked (they delivered them to the WCCO booth, and one was sitting on a desk inside our building). These sandwiches are $6, they’re juicy, they’re perfectly seasoned, they’re huge—they’re one of the best things at the fair.

Then I had some Fresh French Fries, which were also sitting around (those are better when they’re fresh and hot. I wonder if they’re still good now that the Hobbit Travel guy isn’t running the stands. Someone tell me!).

Next, someone gave me one of Sweet Martha’s cookies—which, I admit, aren’t spectacular, but there’s something about them that just scream “State Fair.”

And that’s it.

What do I look forward to eating at the fair? Thanks for asking!

Peaches and Cream at The Salty Tart booth
Fried Pig Ears at Famous Dave’s
Wine ice cream in the Agriculture Building (h/t Heavy Table)
Frozen apple cider in the Ag building (It costs about a buck!)

What’s on your list? And come visit me today, Friday at the WCCO booth from 12:30-1:30 p.m.; or Sunday from 10 a.m. -12 p.m.!