DeRushaEats: Come Dine With JD and Me For Charity

I would love for Dara & Co. readers to join JD Fratzke from The Strip Club and me at a fundraising dinner for People Serving People, a downtown Minneapolis homeless shelter for families.

This is going to be an incredible dinner. Last year when JD and I did the Chefs For Change dinner, he served a blue cheese truffle salad, a hot and cold cucumber soup, an Alaskan red king salmon (pictured), and a pork belly over kimchee. (Read about it here.)

As for what JD has planned for Monday, July 11, it’s going to be incredible. See for yourself:

  1. Amuse bouche of cold-poached walleye with pickled ramps and aioli
  2. Minnesota wild rice “Avgolemono” soup
  3. FutureFarm market salad with green beans and buttermilk dressing
  4. Wild Alaskan salmon with baby potatoes, arugula, sweet corn, and saffron
  5. Grilled Thousand Hills hanger steak with the Strip Club’s meat-and-fish caesar salad
  6. Pastries from the Salty Tart

JD also told me that Coastal Seafoods, Thousand Hills, and the Salty Tart are all donating their wares, and Southern Wine and Spirits will be providing the wine at no cost. Where will he be? “Sweating it out with two volunteer members of my kitchen staff.”

The money raised goes directly to PSP, a homeless shelter with people who are really in need because of the state government shutdown.

The dinner costs $75 a person, and is held in the kitchen at the shelter. It includes five courses plus wine pairings, which is awesome. There’s something special about sharing this meal in the shelter, because you get the chance to hear about the shelter’s mission, which is more powerful when you know the people you’re helping are right upstairs from you.

All the food and wine is donated by JD and The Strip Club (Tim Niver will be there that night, so you can grill him about what he’s going to do in the post-The Inn era) and their suppliers and friends.

You can find details on Chefs For Change online, and buy your tickets here.

And to entice you even more: For Dara & Co readers, I will personally subsidize $25 for the first eight people who email Mary Ites ( at People Serving People and let her know you want the DeRushaEats Discount. So it’s $50; bring a friend for $100, and have a great meal!