DeRushaEats: Downtown Minneapolis for Holidazzle, Part 2

Last week I shared some thoughts on good restaurant options when bringing the family to the Holidazzle parade downtown, and a few of you weighed in. Here’s another idea:

McCormick & Schmick’s: I know, you think I’m crazy for this one. But M&S has these super-cool private dining spaces right by the kitchen. It’s perfect for two families to get in there. You’re out of the way, you can make the noise you want, you can have the kids check out the chefs—it’s fantastic.

And the food for kids? It’s great! Seriously! Our server told us everyone who works there eats the kids mac-n-cheese. It’s super cheesy and decadent, and only $4.95. I promise it’s not the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese you get at some of the other downtown places (I’m looking at you, The Local).

If your kid is a little fancier, he or she can get shrimp Louis (shrimp, egg, lettuce salad) or a grilled salmon filet with basmati rice ($7.95).

You might enjoy the fried oysters appetizer ($7.50), the lobster bisque ($11.50), or any of the fresh fish grilled or prepared however you like it (the selection changes daily).

McCormick & Schmick’s
800 Nicollet Mall
(9th St. and Nicollet Mall)
Minneapolis, MN 55402

You also can’t go wrong if you want a quick outside bite at Vincent, where Vincent is serving hot dogs in a baguette and crepes; or at La Belle Crepe (on 8th & Nicollet).

Those are my top picks—where can you walk to for post-Holidazzle family eating?


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