DeRushaEats: Eat Anything Great Lately?

Whether in blogging, or eating, I think we all go through ruts. I’m in one right now. Help me.

I feel like I go in stretches where I eat incredible food, and can’t wait to share it with you here, and then stretches where I have good food, but nothing to write about.

I had a good dinner at Jerusalem Restaurant at 15th & Nicollet last night—nice shawarma sandwich, so-so tabbouli, good hummus. (On Twitter, @CMiriam told me: “Holy Land is better. And I’ve got street cred as an Arab to pronounce that.” Maybe so, but the atmosphere is much nicer at Jerusalem, and they have belly dancers on Friday/Saturday!)

We had a really fun meal at Masu Sushi and Robata last Friday: This is a great place to bring the kids (early for dinner), because there are so many choices on the menu. My almost-six-year-old Seth had Mackerel nigiri (He inhaled it and then wanted more sushi. You never know). The three-year-old loved the pork robata (who wouldn’t love pork-on-a-stick?). Everything we had was good, but not knock-your-socks-off good.

Dara loved the pork-belly ramen in the last issue of Minnesota Monthly and I came up somewhat short of love. I liked. I guess to me it tasted like a nice noodle soup—but no more exciting than any of our better Vietnamese phos.

My in-laws took me to Kincaid’s Restaurant in Bloomington, where the prime rib was really great, but everything else was pretty blah—though the service is so incredible it almost makes up for it. Which says something about our obsession with the intricacies of every morsel of food, I think.

What I’d really like is for someone to recreate this beet salad I had at Graze in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. It had warm beet cubes at the bottom of a beautiful pile of greens, with candied pistachio pieces, dill, and a goat’s milk yogurt dressing. It was incredible.

So I need your help. Have you eaten anything INCREDIBLE lately? What dish have you had that made you tingle a little inside? What are the summer flavors that you can’t wait to enjoy?