DeRushaEats: The Most Fun I've Had Eating Out In Months

Would it surprise you to learn that the most fun I’ve had eating out at a restaurant in months was at a German restaurant in St. Paul? I’d never even heard of The Glockenspiel Restaurant until my friend David suggested we go there after a trip to the Children’s Museum.

Well, it was after our wives and kids went to the Children’s Museum and after we went to get martinis at The St. Paul Grill. But I digress.

I love German food. I ate a lot of it growing up (my mom made amazing sauerbraten and spatzles) and I ate a lot of German food in Milwaukee.

We went on a Friday night, and the place was packed. Jim and Bruce wandered the room with an accordion and a baritone horn, in fact, and they gave my 5-year-old Seth the horn to blow. He wouldn’t do it—but I gave it a shot—and I’d like to apologize to everyone in the dining room that night.

It looks like they have live music every Friday and Saturday night.

They’ve got giant German beers on tap (I did the Bitburger pilsner) and the food is fantastic. My wife had the Schweinebraten, which is a roast pork with red cabbage, spatzle, and veggies. I had the Leberkase, which is like a German pork meatloaf; it tasted like a loaf of sausage. Fabulous. It came with warm German potato salad that was also delicious.

We had a meat plate (Wurstteller) which had Knockwurst, Blutwurst, and Venison Sausage. Salami, garlic summer sausage, leberkase, Jagdwurst, ham, Prosciutto ham. Crackers and mustards. It was just silly.

But this was the perfect place to bring the kids. Lots to see, a wide-open dining room, a friendly staff, and really great food.

605 7th St. West, St. Paul