Dining Dish: Chill Out! It's Time For a Winter Ice Cream Break!

I’m clearly hallucinating, because I would swear I just heard the siren call of an ice cream truck. There was this sweet little melody coming from outside my window, but that is impossible. Not just because, there’s no children frolicking anywhere, but because there isn’t enough room on my street for a truck to safely navigate through the snowbanks and parked cars.

Still, I’m inspired to pay some good money for some frosty treats and lucky for me, there are several ways this could go.

Sandcastle, the adorable concession stand on the shores of Lake Nokomis is looking to buy a soft serve machine. Owners Amy Greeley and her husband Chef Doug Flicker (ahem, also possibly one of the best chefs in town says anyone who has ever dined at his other spot Piccolo) and business partner Chele Payer want to bring the old school creamy goodness our way. The only sticking point is that the machine is actually quite pricey. So, they’ve taken to Kickstarter to help us all bring home this baby. Their rewards have been getting snapped up left and right. A $30 investment will win you 10 free cones or if you’ve got deep pockets, $300 backers will be treated to a seven course dinner prepared by Chef Flicker at Piccolo. (If you need an extra person to round out that foursome, I’m available. Call me).

To fill more immediate ice cream needs the Froz Broz are hosting a pint sale at their kitchen space at City Food Studio. in South Minneapolis on Saturday. The selections available with be a few of their personal favorites. Froz Broz specialize in ultra rich, dense spun frozen wonderments packed with unexpected flavors. You never knew you needed brown butter and cornbread in your ice cream, but soon you won’t be able to live without it. The curate flavor combinations like chefs, developing flavors inside the freezer. The Broz have also launched a CSI—that’s community supported Ice Cream. Just like a CSA, you can decide on if you’d like a full share or half share of ice cream every week for $60/120.

We can’t talk about local ice cream without giving a little love to Izzy’s. They received a national nod this week (along with Icehouse, Amy Thielen and Surly Brewing) at The Tablespoon’s Munchies Award. People can vote every day for their favorites in the food world.

Elsewhere in food news, Kyatchi has opened at 3758 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis serving sustainable sushi. First reports are entirely positive and I’ll be diving in for a first taste soon.

Sunsets in Wayzata has closed and been sold to the owner of Redstone Grills and the founder of Champp’s Americana. Sounds like burgers and fries on the patio this summer. They hope to open in April.

Mostly, I’m just excited to brave the cold and surround myself with wonderful wines this weekend. I feel like annually, it’s been a punishing weather weekend, but the Minnesota Monthly Food and Wine Experience at Target Field is always a fun time. I love counting the number of ladies wearing goblets as necklaces and personally bedazzled cheese trays. There are tastes of some of the best restaurants in town (hello Butcher and the Boar!) plus I always discover a new favorite wine variety. Tickets are still available. See you there!

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