Dining Dish: Red Cow, The Rabbit Hole, Birchwood Café and More

Sharpen your knives and pull out the fancy bibs, we are fast approaching Memorial Day weekend and that means we are sliding on through spring and heading straight on to summer. I suspect several folks are gearing up for the long weekend already. I’ve got some fancy new sandals, a vat of sunscreen and a dance card filled with backyard party plans. But before we stick a fork in this week, let’s check in on some juicy burger news.

Luke Shimp’s Red Cow has expanded to Selby Avenue into the old Costello’s bar space. Known for their bevy of burger options, the new space is fast shaping up (although, the old Never Inn bar sign remains above the side door). I’m looking forward to hitting them up when they open on Tuesday June 17th.

If you can’t wait that long for a burger, The Rabbit Hole has extended their usual happy hour chef’s burger special for the week. This week’s burger is topped with chimichurri, grilled onion and peppers is served with a Lakefront Fixed Gear Red Ale and a shot of Rebel Yell bourbon. Usually, it’s only available during their happy hour from 4—6 p.m. but for tonight and tomorrow, it’s available all night long for just $16.

If that sounds a bit too decadent for you, I’ve got to tell you about the turkey burger I had this week and the re-opened Birchwood Café. It’s without question the best version I’ve had outside of my own kitchen. Succulent turkey is mixed with onions, celery, and perfectly seasoned before being topped with a zesty, pepper-spiked rhubarb compote and placed on a toasty bun. The new digs are beautiful, but the heart of Birchwood is still there. Although it’s been entirely rebuilt, it feels so similar. The biggest difference would be all the kitchen space for Chef Marshall Paulsen and his staff to spread out. The few changes suit them so well, like the savory waffle now being available all day long. Owner Tracy Singleton also told me that they’ll be keeping some of the breakfast specials that they ran at Verdant Tea on the reborn menu.

Speaking of waffles, the new Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is now open in the Como neighborhood inside what was up until recently Muddsuckers Coffee. Tricia Cornell of The Heavy Table went for a visit and it looks like some delectable waffle art is going on over there and they’re still serving the same perfectly roasted Dogwood coffee.

While we’re on the topic of great coffee one of my favorite coffee shops, Bull Run Coffee Bar is expanding into the space next door. What was once a yoga studio will become added seating. With the added space, they’ll also add more food, like salads and sandwiches. Just so long as I can still get the occasional bacon steeped latte, or something spiked with chocolate hazelnut spread, I’m in. If the food is half as good as the coffee, I might just have a new remote office location.

But enough work talk. The weekend starts… now!

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