Drink of the Month: Bad Larry

Blackeye Roasing Co.’s nitro cold brew is paired with house-made vanilla-lavender syrup and chocolate milk

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Bad Larry

Photo by Finnigan Delahanty

Wake up with a black eye—coffee that is. Black eye is a term used for a cup of coffee spiked with a double shot of espresso, and is also the name of a new Twin Cities–based roaster specializing in cold brew coffee that’s infused with nitrogen. The gas gives the coffee a smooth feel with a foamy head, similar to a freshly poured pint of Guinness. The brew is available in cans at local retailers, as well as on tap at numerous restaurants and Blackeye’s two Minneapolis cafes.

Because October is the gateway month to specialty drink season (looking at you, pumpkin spice lattes), it’s a good time to try Blackeye’s Bad Larry. This silky smooth drink pairs their nitro cold brew with house-made vanilla-lavender syrup and chocolate milk. It’s a creamy and sweet combo with enough buzz for coffee aficionados while also being an ideal beverage for those who usually avoid plain black coffee.

3740 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis; 330 Second Ave. S. Ste. 210 (located in the skyway), Minneapolis, blackeyeroasting.co