Drink of the Month: Juice Detox for the New Year

Kickoff a new healthy lifestyle with Juice So Good’s detox program and juices from Whole Sum Kitchen

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Photo courtesy of Juice So Good

Jump start healthy eating in 2017 with a juice detox designed to give your body a break from heavy proteins, saturated fat, and processed foods. Juice proponents say it gives them clearer skin, heightened concentration, more energy, and better sleep. 

Minneapolis-based Juice So Good is a smoothie shop/bar crossover (instead of whiskey, there are pure ginger shots, chased with an orange slice). It offers cold-pressed juices, meaning the beneficial nutrients in the fruits and veggies are unchanged by the effects of heat. (With no additives, the juice naturally separates, requiring a good shake of the bottle).

Juice So Good’s detox program begins with eliminating toxins for three days, including soda, sweets, fast food, and alcohol. Then the cleanse begins, comprising six juices per day for one to six days. Flavors vary from the Happy Green (cucumber, pineapple, kale, mint, lime), to the Juicy Roots (beet, carrot, apple, ginger). Once the detox is completed, Juice So Good recommends a plan for reintroducing foods into your diet to help maximize the health benefits of the cleanse. Found at select co-ops and markets, and at 733 S. Marquette Ave. #227, Minneapolis, juicesogood.com

Photo by John Norman

Whole Sum Kitchen is a juice and smoothie truck that recently opened a brick-and-mortar in Minneapolis. All of their drinks are crafted the day the juice order is set to be picked up, and includes fresh options like the Amsterdam (cucumber, bok choy, apple, and mint) and the Vermillion (cashew milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and agave). All of their juices are vegan-friendly and free of purees, concentrates, additives, dairy, and gluten. Cleansing packages can be ordered online824 W. 50th St., Minneapolis, wholesumkitchen.com