Drink of the Month: Lake State Kombucha Cocktail

Lake State Kombucha makes it easy to create your own kombucha cocktail at home
A view from the top of a kombucha cocktail with lemons and lime in the glass.
Kombucha cocktail. Photo by Boyarkina Marina – Fotolia.

Drake Ellingboe of Minneapolis began brewing his own kombucha after discovering that he preferred it to other sugar-packed energy drinks (learn more about kombucha). He founded Lake State Kombucha in 2014 and brews simple flavors with no added sugar, including orange mango, ginger, and blueberry hibiscus.

Kombucha’s smooth, light, and sometimes fruity tartness makes it a great mixer in a cocktail or mocktail, especially at the start of patio season. Ellingboe suggests a recipe for making your own:


  • Ice
  • Tequila (or agave nectar for a  mocktail)
  • Lake State Kombucha
  • Lime juice
  • Fresh basil


Add ice to your cocktail glass, pour in a shot of tequila (or agave nectar), and top off with Lake State Kombucha, lime, and basil. Stir.

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