Drink of the Month: Switchel

Two Minnesota-based companies are mixing the trendy vinegar-based drink

superior switchel, drink of the month, food, switchel
Superior Swtichel

Photo by Isaiah Stofferahn

Two Minnesota-based companies recently dusted off the mason jars of an American Colonial-era drink to make it one of the trendiest sips. Switchel is a refreshing, vinegar-based beverage with simple ingredients: St. Paul Switchel’s recipe contains only fresh ginger, wildflower honey, and apple cider vinegar, while Superior Switchel opts for varying flavors such as lavender-lemon and orange-maple, along with its classic cinnamon-kissed Haymaker.

Some consider switchel an alternative to traditional sugary energy or sports drinks. Enthusiasts say its combination of ingredients makes switchel an immune booster that can aid the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, amp up anti-inflammatory power, and stabilize blood sugar.

Like kombucha, switchel is a fermented beverage with a vinegary punch, but it’s even more tart, with a spicy bite. And it’s versatile throughout the seasons: Use switchel as a mixture in hot toddies, with rum or whiskey, or simply neat.

saint paul switchel, drink of the month, food, switchel
Saint Paul Switchel

Photo by Leslie Johnson