Drink of the Week: Bloody Mary at No Neck Tony's

Joy gives lessons in post-holiday recovery.

Apparently today is a work day. It feels like both a Monday and a Friday wrapped up in a Sunday morning. I suspect everyone is like me, nursing a sugar-and-possibly-booze-induced hangover after a month’s worth of revelry. Rather than follow temptation to join a gym, quaff a cleanse, or nibble like a vicious bunny on tiny plates of food, I say we power through.

This quiet passing of early January is no time for quitters! No! As a wise man once implored, “Did we give up with the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” No! So, get off that elliptical machine and get back to the bar. One properly stiff drink with a meat and cheese garnish will revive those memories of all the fun we had that one night that we… vaguely remember.

Today should be Bloody Mary Day on the calendar. There’s a little spot located just off the main drag in Stillwater that serves a perfectly balanced Bloody. The mix is zesty, zang-y, peppery, and tart. Laced with magical booze, the drink is served in a mug with a garnish of cracker, beef jerky, olive, cheese, and a pretzel for good measure. The bar is named No Neck Tony’s and it’s small, stocked with more TV real estate than wall space and a skee-ball machine. It’s just dark enough to ease into a few hours of mid-day drinking.

Don’t let that holiday season fade with the dimming of the daylights. Rage, rage against the dying of the twinkle lights.

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