Drink of the Week: Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir

TDT Pinot NoirThe crackle of leaves underfoot makes me giddy. I adore the shift in seasons. Even as the sun warms my skin, I envision wrapping myself in mile-long scarves and deeply fuzzy sweaters. With the first few cool breezes, I’m ready to restock the bar. The gin makes room for bourbon, and the rosé…Well, let’s be honest—the rosé is long gone finished from the back of my fridge, and I’m ready to crack open a bottle of something red.

I discovered The Dreaming Tree wines by accident in a liquor store in Superior, Wisc.—hardly the bastion of great wine drinking. I was drawn in, like a sucker, for the label. I like trees. I like dreaming. It was red: It seemed like a good idea. I was beyond happy with what I’d found. Lest this was a one-time, lowered-expectations-in-Superior sort of thing (it wouldn’t be the first time), I knew I had to try it again.

The Dreaming Tree recently released a new variety, Pinot Noir. It’s actually the work of a partnership between Dave Matthews (yes, that one) and Sonoma County winemakers. Pinot Noir is perfect for this season. This wine is soft on the nose: light with the promise of a crisp finish. On the tongue, it’s lush with all the late summer fruits that are dripping off the trees and bushes: cherries and strawberries, with just enough light caramel to pair perfectly with those sweaters coming out of retirement.