Drink of the Week: Monello's Motoretta

Much has been written of the gorgeous food served at Monello, the new Italian eatery inside the Hotel Ivy manned by lauded chef Mike DeCamp. There has also been much said, discussed and sampled inside the sub-level Constantine, Jesse Held’s new tippling house. However, we must pause in appreciation for the cocktail menu from Held that can be found upstairs at Monello (and the adorable outdoor patio attached). These cocktails carry every bit of sophistication Held is renowned for. He has created classics inside Parlour/Borough, Marché and more.

The drinks poured at Monello are the type of glasses best clutched inside a hotel bar: seductive, soothing, with a flash of big-city glamour. I’d almost be willing to book a night for a swanky stay solely on account of the Motoretta: 

Carpano Bianco is white vermouth with a lightly herbal flavor, a nice amount of citrus and a hint of nuttiness at the end. Mixed with a crisp splash of gin, a little génépy, an aromatic liqueur that brings a judicious amount of balanced bitterness to the party, the glass is then garnished with lime and orange bitters. The result is a gimlet to make the gods weep. Bright, crisp and utterly sophisticated, it’s dangerously good. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sad to see the bottom of that glass when you reach it. Don’t worry—you can always order another. All the drinks at Monello are just $8.