Drink of the Week: Saffron's Turkish Coffee

A hallmark of an exquisite meal is the sadness of watching that last plate depart the table and return, empty to the kitchen. You can wish for more stomach space or a reason to keep eating, but the dining experience must come to an end at some point. This is always the longing I’m left with after feasting at Saffron.

The plates are both artfully constructed, just begging for an Instagram, and packed with hearty flavors. The perfume of the myriad of spices chef and co-owner Sameh Wadi employs are a seductive mix. The octopus a la plancha alone is the foodstuff dreams are made of.

Just as the sun surely rises in the east, every great dream must draw to an end. The end of a meal at Saffron is just as inevitable. However, there is one delicious excuse to linger: a perfectly brewed cup of Turkish Coffee. Laced with spices like green cardamom, brewed to a deliciously dark color and sweetened just enough to tantalize a latte fan, there is no other beverage in the cities like it. (We aren’t exactly known for our expansive Turkish population, either.)

Served in a gilded demitasse cup, the drink is presented as though you were a visiting dignitary, although this beverage will run you just $3.