Drink of the Week: Sandcastle's Horchata and Peace Coffee Cold Brew

Yesterday I figured something out. I’m a genius. According to a quick Google search, the definition of genius is, “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.” At the risk of sounding obnoxious (too late), I possess this creative power. Like He-Man wielding the sword over castle Gray Skull, I…have… the power! Or maybe I’m just sun-drunk. That’s possible, too.

In the midst of a glorious midday heat, I was taking shelter from the sun under the awning beside Sandcastle. A cool breeze was sweeping across Lake Nokomis. People were taking advantage of the breeze by paddleboarding and kayaking across the lake, while a gaggle of kids were busying themselves in the sand.

I’d come to answer the siren call of the Nokomis dog—a supremely porky bit of tubed meat set in a squishy bun and topped with coleslaw and these little teardrop shaped peppers that look like tiny edible flames. As I’m wont to do when visiting Sandcastle, the concession stand run by super chef Doug Flicker, his wife Amy Greely, and their business partner Chele Payer, I ordered a glass of horchata. It’s a light, refreshing, slightly sweet, cinnamon-spiced, dreamy beverage made from long-soaked white rice. I always suck it down like someone is going to try to steal my glass.

However, on this day I was feeling a bit sluggish and the Peace Coffee cold brew they serve also seemed like a wise call. This is when the genius struck. I took my glass of horchata and poured it into the iced coffee. Oh yes! This was everything: kicky, pleasant bitterness swam with that thread of cinnamon and every sip was eased by the sweet softness. Now, the only problem is that I want this every morning for the duration of the summer. If only I lived a bit closer to Sandcastle—or maybe if we could clone it! Clone that and the lake and drop them in my backyard. Now, that would be genius.