Drink This: Sauvignon Blanc

Whether it’s Wednesday night or a special occasion, we have the perfect bottle for you

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl is the author of the forthcoming Drink This: Wine Made Simple (Ballantine Books)


2008 Veramonte “Reserva” Sauvignon Blanc Casablanca Valley, Chile. Like an ice pick: crisp, nervy, steely, but also nicely meadow-scented. Pair it with grocery-store sushi to make catching up with your TiVo chic and cheerful. Available everywhere. $9.


2007 Terre Burdigala Bourdeaux Blanc “La Vigne d’Argent.” This white Bordeaux adds creamy Semillon to the SB creating a shimmering, high energy lemon-sage-mineral wine.  Widely available, including at most Byerly’s and Solo Vino in St. Paul. $12.99.




2007 Flora Springs Soliloquy. This Napa Valley winery claims to have a Sauvignon Blanc clone that’s unique. It makes a honeysuckle- and fig-scented, luxuriously textured, and truly sensuous wine. Available at North Oaks’ WineStreet Spirits. $27.