Sue Z.’s Picks: Non-Alcoholic Beers Perfect for Keeping That Resolution

Hairless Dog Brewing Company, the Minneapolis-based brewer for sober living, cuts out alcohol but not taste

Courtesy of Hairless Dog

The holidays are long gone, and you’ve had a great New Year’s resolution plan of cutting down on your alcohol intake. How’s it going? Well, have you heard of the Hairless Dog Brewing Company?

You may be asking, “What’s a ‘hairless dog’?”

It’s the name of a new Minneapolis-based brewery making the first American brand of alcohol-free (0.0% ABV) craft beer. Minnesotans Jeff Hollander and Paul Pirner came up with these great-tasting brews when they wanted to cut down on their own drinking, and, in general, to pair healthier lifestyles with great tastes. Since starting out in 2018, theirs has been a big success story. (Read our 2020 profile on the company here.)

Their flavors include an IPA (full and hoppy with a clean finish), a Black Ale (smooth, rich, and dark), a Coffee Stout (frothy yet smooth, well balanced), and a Citra lager (crisp and hoppy with a clean finish). They’re all getting rave reviews. You can order these cans in 6-packs, 12-packs, and 24-packs online, to be delivered anywhere, or find them in liquor stores, super markets, and restaurants around the country—already(!).

They have no taproom, no restaurant, no tasting bar or brewery tours or growlers yet—but they may create a test bench to host live and virtual events soon. These non-alcoholic beers go well with pizza, burgers, chili, and pancakes. And from the feedback they’re getting, it seems they have come up with an outstanding brand in the beer market to enjoy anytime with everything. Pour into your favorite mug or glass, and feel good about it this year.

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Sue Zelickson (Sue Z.) is a James Beard Award-winning food media personality, philanthropist, and longtime contributor to Minnesota Monthly and WCCO radio. She has founded the Charlie Awards, the Women Who Really Cook networking organization for women in the local food industry, and the Kids Cafe at Perspectives, Inc., which improves access to nutritious meals for families in need. You can find her buzzing around from event to event throughout the Twin Cities, helping to raise funds for charitable organizations, including some she has had a hand in building.