Elizabeth’s Pick: Mozza Mia

Since I just picked Pizzeria Lola, I figured it was only fair to give Mozza Mia a shot. Although they have little in common besides pizza, they did open within weeks of each other and are approximately 1.2 miles apart. Also, I am a pizza junkie. It’s my dirty little secret, sort of like DeRusha’s weakness for suburban chains. Not only because my appetite knows no bounds when it comes to crust/sauce/cheese combinations, but also because I will happily eat and enjoy any pie short of a Totino’s Party Pizza.

So if what you want is a deep-dive into Mozza Mia’s mozzarella-pulling process, or the origin of its cured meats, or a look under Parasole’s corporate hood, wait for Dara’s inevitably eloquent and robust review. But if what you want to know is whether you should go to Mozza Mia, then yes. You should. One, because I can’t stop thinking about the Salumi pizza, topped with sweet tomato sauce, fennel-flecked salami, aged provolone, and piquant peperoncini. Two, because the baked manicotti pasta special was the best comfort food I’ve eaten all winter. And three, because although I’m not really a “concept restaurant” kinda girl (or a 50th and France kinda girl, for that matter), I will go back. Even if the homemade limoncello tastes like Mad Dog and is syrupy enough be served with a side of pancakes.

Mozza Mia
3910 West 50th, Edina