Elizabeth’s Pick: Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto

Once upon a time, I spent the summer in Europe. There my daily diet consisted of bread, cheese—and gelato. Times have changed. My metabolism has slowed down substantially. And suddenly, there’s gelato EVERYWHERE. At first, this thrilled me. But very few of the stateside versions are as sublime as the real deal. Then I tried Talenti.

Named for 1500s Florentine chef Bernardo Buontalenti, this creamy-dreamy handcrafted treat is utterly delizioso. The ingredients are astoundingly authentic: rich Belgian chocolate, whole Tahitian vanilla beans, and real Argentine dulce de leche. The fresh mint in the Mediterranean Mint puts artificially flavored mint-chocolate-chip ice cream to shame. In addition to gelato, Talenti churns out six intensely tart fruit sorbettos. The fresh-squeezed Lisbon Lemon will take your breath away.

Although Talenti is made in Dallas, the company is partnering with our very own Phillips Distilling Co., and distributing pints out of NE Minneapolis. You can find Talenti gelato and sorbetto at Target, Kowalski’s, and Whole Foods Markets, or order it online.