Elizabeth’s Pick: Thanksgiving Detox in a Bottle

You know what you need after one turkey, three pies, and seven pounds of stuffing? A probiotic beverage. St. Paul-based Unpeeled is perfect for tackling what you loaded up on all weekend. Like other fermented foods, this naturally cultured kombucha tea aids in digestion, promotes healthy micro-organisms in the GI tract, and more. Think of it as a gentle, delicious, detox-in-a-bottle. If you’ve never had kombucha (or have, and didn’t enjoy the tanginess), you are going to love Unpeeled’s mild taste and fresh flavors. I’m partial to the spicy Ginger Brew (hangover heaven) but the Mango Passion is perfect for beginners.

Unpeeled is available at a bevy of Twin Cities retailers, including Kowalski’s and Whole Foods.

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