Erica Strait of Foxy Falafel's Essentials

illustration by james kloiber

Farmers’ market: I’m partial to the Kingfield Farmers’ Market, as it’s the market where Foxy Falafel started. It’s one of the best in the Twin Cities in terms of variety and that nostalgic feel—not too big and not too small.

Smoothie ingredients: I love blueberries and strawberries, grass-fed beef collagen for protein, fish oil, and bee pollen.

Post-party recovery trick: Take B12 vitamins before and after you go out. They help you recover faster. I love kombucha after a night out on the town, and activated charcoal always makes my tummy feel better if I’ve eaten something that I may not be used to. A good sweat in a heated yoga class or infrared sauna can also help.

Falafel sauce: It’s so hard to decide! The cucumber-mint yogurt is classic and our most popular sauce. I love the green tahini and eat it on everything. Spicy harissa is another favorite mixed in with the hummus, and if you like spice, it’s good on eggs, salads, and meats, too.

Gluten-free dining spots in the Twin Cities: Hola Arepa, Corner Table, the Strip Club, Brasa, and Tiny Diner

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